China to receive brand-new communication systems for the Su-35 fighter-jets

12:1623 Nov, 2015 1302

Russia and China signed the largest aviation purchase contract for the Su-35 fighters.

The OPK site says, that among other things under the terms of contract Russian UIMC is to transfer to China communication means for the aircraft as well as airfield communication systems.

The systems provide secured data exchange and integrate tactical aviation aircraft into a single network.

The C-108 on-board systems provide information exchange within all Air Force communication systems in anti-jamming mode. The equipment can relay signals between ground-based command points and the aircraft on mission.     

The OPK will provide China with the NKVS-27 ground-based systems designed to set up networks, communication and data exchange channels with Su-27SKM, Su-30MK2, Su-35 and others. The system ensures multichannel vocal communication and data exchange with all the craft in all combat employment modes within 1500 km range.      

Supplies of on-board equipment are to start in 2016. Ground-based equipment is to be delivered in 2017.    

Mass-media reported earlier that Russia would supply China with 24 Su-35 worth almost $2 billion.

The Su-35 is a multifunctional fighter jet of generation 4++. It is a highly upgraded Su-27 jet with elements of on-board equipment from the fifth generation combat aviation.

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