Putin specifies timescales of the Russia’s operation in Syria

11:2416 Oct, 2015 2208

Special operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria has its time frame. It is coordinated with defensive operation of the Syrian forces against militants.

Vladimir Putin said at the restricted meeting of the CIS heads that aviation and other means are applied accurately against terrorist groups, TASS reports.

Putin supposes that Russian military have achieved “considerable success” in Syria. “Air and sea attacks on targets coordinated with Syrians have been a success. Dozens of command points and ammunitions depots as well as hundreds of terrorists and lots of military equipment have been destroyed” – Putin noted.

Upon that, he said the Caspian flotilla operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is fully legitimate as corresponds to the international law because Syrian President Bashar Assad officially asked for help. .

In addition, Putin stressed that Russia had been constantly committed to forming the broadest coalition possible to counteract both extremists and terrorists.

We remind that Russian aviation set to striking ISIS objects in Syria on 30 September. Syrian president Bashar Assad asked Moscow for military support against terrorists.

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