“Senej” is back from the Arctic expedition

17:4028 Sep, 2015 1781

The project 862 “Senej” hydrographic survey ship has completed research on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and arrived at the permanent base in Murmansk Oblast, reports press-service of the Northern Fleet.

The Defense ministry states that the crew has made a number of geographical discoveries.

“The hydrographers examined some areas of ground, which were previously covered with ice. They have managed to discover a small island, a few capes and to fix the earlier discovered Island of Rojkov and Cape Krugosvetka”, - chief of hydrographic service of the Northern Fleet captain Igor Naumenko said.

The cruise was held in heavy arctic condition with drifting icebergs and blocks of ice. They laid the route through the Barents and Kara Seas as well as water zone of the Arctic Ocean.

The seamen covered 5.3 thous. miles and performed over 5 thous. km of route survey and bottom features imaging.

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