Frogmen attack Russian submarine force headquarters

21:1613 Jan, 2016 1639

Russian Northern fleet has carried out a counter-underwater swimmer training.

Northern fleet press-service reports that anti-sabotage units as well as nuclear submarines base guard units have participated in the exercise. They fulfilled both guards and defense tasks including that of anti-terror.     
First, bomb-throwers hit the sabotage means. They fired the DP-61 ‘Duel’ service grenade launchers, which can kill underwater swimmers within a few hundred meters range. Then, frogmen searched and neutralized underwater swimmers while diving from the fast-speed boat on the go.  

It is noted that this stage of exercise was conducted in open-water at favorable temperature that allowed to do the exercise safely.

Then, frogmen played part of imaginary terrorists that had attacked the submarine force headquarters with firing arms and still weapons.  

In 2016 they are going to conduct similar trainings in all garrisons of the Northern fleet to check readiness of personnel to provide safety of the military objects.   

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