Russian robots and APCs sent to Palmyra for demining works

12:5301 Apr, 2016 2671

Another group of Russian mine pickers has arrived in Syria to demine the liberated city of Palmyra.

Russian experts have brought the ‘Uran 6’ robots and special purpose armored personnel carriers to help disarm mines. The ‘Uran-6’ anti-mine robot is a remotely controlled soft-skinned vehicle equipped with mine clearing systems. The vehicle weighs 6-7 tons, is 1.4 meters high and can climb walls of up to 1.2 meters-high.

First units of Russian mine-pickers arrived in Syria just a few days ago. Dog handlers will help the bomb technicians with their work. According to preliminary estimates, experts are to inspect over 180 hectares of Palmyra’s territory.    

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