Export version of the ‘Night hunter’ gets equipped with dual control system

12:3816 Mar, 2016 2352

‘Russian Helicopters’ press-service reports that ‘Rosvertol’ plant has launched serial production of the new export version of the Mi-28NE combat helicopter.  

Distinctive feature of the version is dual control system, which allows operating the craft both from the pilot’s cabin and from the cabin of the operator who functions as an instructor. New helicopter makes it simpler for military pilots to master this type of craft.

In addition to maneuverability and all-day use characteristics of the ‘Night hunter’, combat power should be mentioned. The helicopter is equipped with guided and non-guided weapons as well as mobile unit equipped with the 30 mm gun.

The new version has increased resistance to combat damage as well. This is due to using brand new materials: the dual control Mi-28NE rotor blades are made of composite alloy, which makes it possible to land safely even after being shot by 20-30 mm projectiles. The fuel system excludes explosions as well as fuel combustion.   

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