Russian Defense Ministry to get 24 brand-new Mi-28UB helicopters

12:1725 Apr, 2016 2908

Military agency has signed a delivery contract with ‘Russian Helicopters’ for the military combat Mi-28UBs and the Mi-26 heavy transport helicopters.

Under the terms of transaction, Russian Aerospace Forces will receive the first batch of 24 state of the art Mi-28UB as well as two ‘heavyweight’ Mi-26.

“It is the first time our Aerospace Forces have received helicopters of such a class. Pilots used to undergo training mostly at the ‘Ansat-U’ multipurpose helicopter but after Mi-28UB enters service, they will be able to perform full-scale training at the Mi-28UB” – Alexandr Mikheev, head of the helicopter building holding said.

The new model has dual control as well as increased ergonomic characteristics of the pilot’s and operator’s cabins. Such arrangement helps speed up retraining of army aviation pilots providing the combat potential remains the same.

The Mi-26 is a heavy transport troop-carrying helicopter designed for transportation of equipment and cargo as well as for transportation of troops and the wounded. The craft is the world’s top weightlifting mass-produced helicopter.    

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