Militants shoot new video, ‘Kalibr’ missiles starring

13:4511 Apr, 2016 1920

According to unofficial sources, ‘Kalibr’ cruise missiles were launched from the Southern part of Aleppo in Syria.

Syrian web-site ‘Step News’ posted a clip on its YouTube channel showing the 3M14 ‘Kalibr’ flight. Video is dated April 9, location — South of Aleppo.

According to open sources, Russian Navy Mediterranean Group now includes a MRK ‘Serpukhov’ equipped with the ‘Kalibr’ system. However, launches of the cruise missiles have not been confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry.

We remind that first combat use of the 3M14 ‘Kalibr’ missile systems is dated October 7, 2015. That day four ships of the Caspian flotilla fired 26 missiles at the terrorists-related objects in Syria. Later, on November 20, ships of the Caspian flotilla launched another 18 missiles. On December 8, 2015 ‘Rostov-on-Don’ submarine fired four missiles.

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