Russian military to get ‘smart’ radio-stations

13:4711 Mar, 2016 3843
Photo: Grigori Milenin/Warmy

In 2017 they are going to launch production of the new generation ‘smart’ radio stations for the Russian army.

The UIMC reports that the MO1 digital devices of the new generation for the army, law enforcement agencies as well as MES will provide high-speed protected data transfer within 600 kilometers range and lack of ‘silent zones’ in the areas where other communication means fail to work properly. The equipment can independently choose best link paths, test and reset the channel.  

The new radio station is designed to exchange telegraphic, voice and information messages in uneven topography, combat and emergency areas, far from command posts, for instance high up in the mountains or even in the open sea. This equipment can arrange communication in any area, any type of emergency, even in the places with lack of or ruined infrastructure. 

The 6th generation communication technologies are applied in the device, including software defined and cognitive radio. The data transfer speed of the MO1 is twice the size of its predecessors.

The station’s weight is 3.8 kilograms, which makes it easier to carry.

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