Roskosmos shows first launch from Vostochniy cosmodrome captured by onboard cameras of ‘Soyuz’

00:0017 May, 2016 6209

Roskosmos has posted a video on YouTube captured by cameras mounted on ‘Soyus-2.1a’ carrier rocket. The video shows first person ‘debut’ launch from ‘Vostochniy’ cosmodrome.

Cameras caught on video the flight of ‘Soyuz’ from the very first seconds till the moment of entering near earth orbit and separation of head, which carried 3 satellites.

We remind that the first launch from ‘Vostochniy’ was performed on April 28, 2016. The rocket took off at 5.01 am (Moscow time). ‘Lomonosov’, ‘Aist-2D’, and SamSat-218 separated from the ‘Volga’ upper-stage rocket and were put into the target orbit at 7.15 am.

The launch was initially scheduled at April 26 but, due to control system trouble, it was postponed. When they got fixed, the launch was performed without complications.

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