Kalashnikov’s relatives lose to arms group

16:1504 Apr, 2016 1711

Daughter and grandson of the legendary designer have lost the ‘Kalashnikov’ brand use income.

Lifenews reports that Intellectual Property Court has sustained the claim of Concern Kalashnikov to gunmaker’s relatives about use of the AK-47 trademark. Unlike patents for the rifle construction with terms expired, trademark lets the right holders claim for licensee fees in case manufacturers decide to use the protected image for commercial purposes.

Mikhail Kalashnikov’s daughter Elena and his son Igor Krasnovskiy used to own the trademark, which was the stylized depiction of the weapon signed ‘AK-47’.

From now on, upon court’s order, all the brand use income will be transferred to the account of Concern Kalashnikov. According to the media, the annual sales make up to $ 5 billion. 

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