Russia designing world’s first airdropped air defense system

10:5204 May, 2016 3726

The ’Ptitselov’ airdropped air defense system is being developed for the Russian Airborne Forces.

A source of TASS news agency says that this system is based upon the BDM-4M airborne assault vehicle and is called ‘Ptitselov’.

In addition, Vladimir Shamanov, Commander of the Russian Airborne Forces earlier said that medical as well as command vehicles would be developed on the base of ‘Rakushka’ and BMD-4M armored vehicles. He specified that the ‘Kornet’ anti-tank extended range missile system would be mounted on one of these chassis.    

We remind that the ‘Sadovnitsa’ BMD-4M is the base for ‘Ptitselov’. It is equipped with ‘Bakhcha-U’ combat module, which comprises two cannons and a machine gun. The vehicle entered service with the Russian army in 2015. It can perform raids into enemy’s rare areas, and support assault groups. The vehicle can move at 70 kmh and perform waterborne combat missions.    

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