Caspian flotilla to hold around 20 exercises

12:5126 Nov, 2015 1012

South Military District press service reports almost 20 exercises involving Caspian flotilla scheduled for next year.

“The main focus for the flotilla sailors in 2016 will be the international trilateral Russian-Kazakhstani-Azerbaijani naval exercise headed by the Commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy” — SMD press-service said.      

Caspian flotilla sailors have accomplished almost 50 special tasks this training year. Ships spent over 900 days in the open sea as compared to 848 days in 2014.

When performing maneuvers sailors did over 400 battle exercises:  4 missile-firing exercises, 316 artillery-firings at sea, air and shore-based targets as well as over 100 countermine, counter submarine and counter sabotage exercises along with practical mine planting.  

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