Fyodor Konyukhov’s northern odyssey: with dogs to the nuclear submarine

13:2724 Feb, 2016 3174
Photo: Oleg Kuleshov/Warmy

Dogs, snow going vehicles and a nuclear submarine. On the eve of the Defender Day Fyodor Konyukhov, a widely known traveler, arrived in Severodvinsk with Arctic reconnaissance troopers of the Northern fleet. Warmy’s Oleg Kuleshov was there with his photo camera to meet the expedition.   

Photo: Oleg Kuleshov/Warmy

Konyukhov’s way to reach the “shipbuilders’ city” was not a common one. The traveler covered the Petrozavodsk to Severodvinsk route by dogsled. The expedition launched from Karelia’s capital on February 10. Its goal was to erect a memorial cross on the site of the former Konyukhovka village where the famous traveler’s grandfather is originally from.   


When Konyukhov reached Onega, a group of Northern fleet Arctic reconnaissance troopers joined him. The seamen couldn’t miss the chance to meet the legendary sailor and pathfinder, as well as test the brand new A1 Arctic snow going vehicles along the White Sea shore. 

Photo: mil.ru

In Severodvinsk another dream of Fyodor Filippovitch came true. He came to visit the TK-20 ‘Severstal’ – the world’s largest submarine.   

Photo: Oleg Kuleshov/Warmy

They arranged an excursion for Konyukhov and his team through the submarine sections. Travelers were impressed by the ship’s capabilities and characteristics.

Photo: Oleg Kuleshov/Warmy

Later on, they went to the ‘Sevmash’ shipyard.

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