Ultrasonic cruise missiles to be loaded with new type of fuel

18:5216 Feb, 2016 4202
Photo: mil.ru

Interfax-MNA quotes Dmitri Bulgakov, the deputy Defense minister of the Russian Federation, as saying that the new “Detsilin-M” fuel developed for the Russian Army will increase missiles’ range.

“The ‘Detsilin-M’ fuel has been put in service of the Russian Army in the last few years. It helps increase the range of strategic cruise missiles by 250-300 kilometers. It is intended to be used for jet engines of the new ultrasonic strategic cruise missiles”, — the agency says.

Over 200 technical means are scheduled to be bought in 2016 for the Fuel Service of the Russian Armed Forces. There will be modern fuel-tankers, container-type fuel reservoirs, fuel filling stations of modular as well as container type.

By 2020 they are going to buy around 900 truck-mounted filling and transport means altogether. They are going to develop as well an Arctic tanker truck, an all-purpose laboratory, some new container-type means for fuel components transportation, landing modification of the tanker truck for the airborne, oil and fuel tankers and so on.

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