MiG-29 frontline fighter jet kills targets with unguided missiles (clip)

17:3020 Apr, 2016 1800
Photo: Warmy

Crews of the Russian Aerospace Forces fighter units launched air missiles and 30 mm aerial shells at ‘Aviadarts-2016’.

MiG-29 performed its flight as part of the preliminary round of the ‘Aviadarts-2016’ contest in Kursk Region.

Video by 'Zvezda TV-channel'

Military aces performed acrobatic maneuvers as well as aerial reconnaissance and navigation tasks. Special attention was paid to conducting air combat. Winners of the preliminary round will proceed to the MD-level stage of contest.

‘Aviadarts’ is part of the Russian held international ‘Army games’.

‘Aviadarts’-2016 will take place in the new area.  

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