Russian airborne to receive 160 new ATVs

10:1724 May, 2016 7451

Russian Airborne Forces will receive around 160 all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.

The vehicles will be delivered to Novorossiysk and Kamishinsk large units of Airborne Forces. The paratroopers will receive army ATVs and snowmobiles of AM-1 and A-1 types, Russian Defense Ministry press-service says.

Photo by: Andrey Luft/Warmy

Since June 1, when summer training period starts, all brigades and divisions of the Airborne Forces will use ATVs for reconnaissance and patrol as well as for raid and search and rescue training missions.

The AM-1 all-terrain vehicle was developed on the base of the RM-5002 serial model. The vehicle has automatic AWD, a special wheeled running gear with increased protector, 300 kilos loading capacity and a speed of 80 kmh. It can be operated at 20 degrees Celsius below zero. Having a weight of 500 kg, it can tug the trailer of the same weight. The military version has mounting systems for a grenade launcher, AK-74 and SVD. To operate in nighttime, the ATV has a spotlight in addition to customary lighting devices.

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