‘Orlan-30’ UAV successfully passes state tests

00:0005 Apr, 2016 2836

‘Orlan-30’ aerial reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle has successfully undergone state tests.

AviaPort site reports as quoting a military industry source that Orlan-30 is just a component of a more complex system, which is now getting prepared to trials. Accordingly, military are not going to purchase ‘Orlan-30’ separately.

This vehicle is the heaviest among the UAVs developed and manufactured by Kazan-based OOO ‘Specialni tekhnologicheski centr’. ‘Orlan-10’ is the best-known vehicle of the family mass produced for the Russian Defense Ministry.

Photo: airwar.ru

Initial mass of the ‘Orlan-30’ is 30 kilos, which is twice as much as of the ‘Orlan-10’. Orlan-30 can carry payload of 6-8 kilos (10 kilos at the maximum), which is 1.5 times as much as of Orlan-10. Due to heavier payload, Orlan-30 has broader function capabilities.

The UAV is equipped with combustion engine. Flight endurance is going to be increased up to 10 hours. The UAV takes off and lands in an ‘aircraft-like’ manner, with ground run of 100 meters.

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