One of the top secret zones of the ‘Alexander Nevskiy’ cruiser caught on video

13:4004 Mar, 2016 1852
Photo: Press-service of the Russian Navy

The underwater ship’s section housing ‘Bulava’ missiles has been captured on video.

Missile section, which houses the ‘Bulava’ missiles silos, the top secret zone of the Project 955 ‘Borey’ underwater cruiser ‘Alexander Nevskiy’, can be seen in the video. 

Video: ‘Zvezda’ TV-channel

We remind that the ‘Alexander Nevskiy’ strategic nuclear submarine of the Project 955 entered service with the Pacific fleet in September 2015.

‘Bulava’ is the brand new Russian solid fuel missile designed to arm the underwater strategic missile-carriers of the ‘Borey’ type. The missile can carry up to 10 maneuvering personal-guided nuclear blocks, which can hit targets within 8 thousand kilometers’ range.  

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