Brand new ‘Verba’ man-portable air defense systems to be promoted abroad

17:2222 Mar, 2016 2699

‘Rosoboronexport’ is going to bring to international market Russian ‘Verba’ MANPADs.  

“’Verba’ now enters service with the Russian army and is going to be presented abroad for the first time at the DEFEXPO India -2016 Land, Naval & Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition, which will take place in the South of Goa on March 28-31” the manufacturer’s message says.

Meanwhile, there is still strong demand on behalf of foreign customers for the ‘Igla-S’ modern MANPAD, which is ‘Verba’s’ predecessor.  

The improved characteristics of the new MANPAD are based on the use of brand new homing device and control compartment. Response rate of the optical seeker has been increased multiple times as well as its jamming resistance. As a result, the damage area has been enlarged; the efficiency rate at long distances has been increased as well.   

‘Verba’ was accepted into service in 2013, and since 2014, it has been entering the field. The system, equipped with the ‘Mowgli-2’ night sight can kill UFVs, cruise missiles, aircraft as well as helicopters.  

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