‘Admiral Vladimirskiy’ ship with military hydrographers returns from the Antarctic

15:5115 Apr, 2016 1874
Photo: Press-service of the Russian Navy

The oceanographic research ship of the Russian Navy has arrived to the Leningrad naval base in Kronstadt.

There was a meeting ceremony for the hydrographers in Kronstadt on April 15, 2016. The ceremony was hosted by Russian Navy senior officials; friends and relatives of the seamen were present as well. 

Photo: Press-service of the Russian Navy

TASS reports that the Antarctic expedition has been on for half a year. The ‘Admiral Vladimirskiy’ crew performed various scientific tasks: making numerous measurements of depth, hydrometeorogical researches at various latitudes and checking several radio navigation systems.

‘Admiral Vladimirskiy’ had been at sea since November 6, 2015 and had covered 44 370 lane kilometers of route survey. Out of them, 17 395 lane kilometers in the Antarctic water zone and 5 880 lane kilometers near the ‘Progress’ Antarctic station.

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