Contract to deliver 48 Su-35 to the army to be signed by the year end

13:5726 Aug, 2015 1521

The contract for the new Su-35 aircraft is in high readiness. It will be signed before the year end.

The news was delivered by Yuri Slyusar, head of the OAK, when speaking of deliveries of 48 fighter planes to the Russian Defense ministry, the “DR” correspondent reports.

According to him, the contract allows to employ the Komsomolsk-on -Amur aviation plant up to 2020. “The Su-35 is the initiative development of the Sukhoi Design Bureau which is part of the OAK. This may be considered a unique event. Providing the lack of state’s requirement specifications, designers developed a craft, which was willingly accepted by the customer.

We remind that the Su-35 is the 4++ generation aircraft which employs the same technologies as the PAK FA. The manufacturer states the Su-35 can “effectively counteract” the F-22A aircraft, which is the only mass-produced aircraft of the 5th generation.

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