European and American companies to participate in MAKS airshow despite sanctions

14:4806 Aug, 2015 1574

The forthcoming MAKS-2015 Airshow will host European and American companies by all means.

Dmitriy Shugaev, deputy CEO on international affairs of the Rostec corporation says that Russia’s foreign partners are planning to take part in the event in spite of the fact they remain “under pressure” of the Western sanction policy. In particular, 24 companies from France, six from the USA as well as Swiss, Belgian, Czech and Iranian companies are going to exhibit their samples.

He noted that for the reasons well known the number of foreign defense enterprises intending to participate in MAKS airshow had reduced. While the majority of European partners “considered it necessary not to miss such a high-profile event”. The invitations were sent to everyone.

Shugaev said earlier that “Rostec” had scheduled around 20 meetings with European companies’ representatives.

The “MAKS-2015” International Air Show will take place in August 25-30 in Zhukovskiy. Its aim is to “demonstrate Russian high-tech solutions and to show that Russian market is open for joint projects with foreign partners”.

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