India might buy $7 billion worth of arms from Russia

11:5621 Dec, 2015 1446

Kommersant newspaper says that India is likely to purchase over $7 billion worth of Russian arms.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s first visit to Moscow is scheduled for December 24-25. Bilateral military-technical cooperation will be one of the main points of the visit. In particular, supplying India with the S-400 systems and combat helicopters as well as building a new submarine may be the topic of discussion, the paper says.   

In general, military-technical cooperation area awaits the “breakthrough” arrangements, Kommersant says.  

On the eve of Modi’s visit to Russia, Indian committee on defense procurements approved of buying 5 S-400 missile systems. According to some reports, the deal is estimated at $2.5 billion.

Russia and India are the largest partners in the military-technical cooperation area. Over 70% of arms and combat equipment of the Indian army as well as the air force and the navy are Russian and Soviet made. In 2014 Russia supplied India with $4.7 billion worth of arms’ and equipment, as of 2013 — $4,78 billion.

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