Crews assembled for ‘Kazan’ and ‘Knyaz Vladimir’ submarines, which are under construction

16:3721 Mar, 2016 5567
Photo: Oleg Kuleshov/Warmy

Crews for the nuclear submarines of projects ‘Borey’ and ‘Yasen’ have been assembled in the Northern fleet.

Russian Defense ministry reports that seamen are being prepared to be sent to training centers of the Russian navy. When the training is over, they will pass on to mastering their ships – the ‘Kazan’ multi-purpose nuclear submarine and the ‘Knyaz Vladimir’ missile strategic underwater cruiser.  

The ships are at the construction stage now. After factory and state tests, the submarines will be accepted into the Russian Submarine Forces, which is expected to happen in 2017.

‘Kazan’ is the second submarine of the ‘Yasen’ type and the first to be manufactured according to the Project 885M. The ‘Severodvinsk’ head submarine of the series was transferred to the Navy late in 2013. It had been long in trial performance, which is now over.  

‘Knyaz Vladimir’ is the forth strategic submarine of the ‘Borey’ type, which is being manufactured according to upgraded Project 955A. There are three subs of the ‘Borey’ type: ‘Yuri Dolgorukiy’, ‘Alexander Nevskiy’ and ‘Vladimir Monomakh’.