Airborne to receive upgraded ‘Sprut’ guns in 2017

18:4120 Jan, 2016 3255
Photo: bmpd

Russian airborne forces will receive the first batch of the ‘Sprut-SDM1’ self-propelled guns in 2017. It will comprise 6 units.  

TASS reports that Vladimir Shamanov, Commander of the Russian VDV shared the news. State tests of the upgraded gun will be held before the end of 2016.   

‘Sprut-SDM1’ has modern fire control system similar to the one installed on the T-90M tank (T-90SM) comprising the ‘Sokoliniy glaz’ panoramic day-night commander’s sight as well as gunner’s thermal imaging channel sight. Remotely controlled combat module equipped with PKTM machine-gun will be installed on the fighting cabin. ‘Sprut-SDM1’ will also have six 902V ‘Tucha’ smoke dischargers. 

We remind that ‘Sprut-SD’ air-assault artillery mount is designed for VDV, marine and special forces units to fight enemy tanks, armored vehicles and manpower.     

The 2A75M gun, which has almost similar characteristics to the 2A46M5 tank gun, is the key feature of the ‘Sprut’. It can shoot all types of projectiles for the T-72 as well as T-90 tanks. The PKTM coaxial machine gun is installed as secondary armament.

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