Russian inventor patents caseless weapon

14:0526 Apr, 2016 4710

Alexei Rogulchenko has invented an assault rifle, which can fire bullet of various weight and length, gmorder blogger says.

The designer has offered an original solution, which allows using various bullets, canister shots as well as propelling powder of various mass.

“The invention is related to automatic weapon and can be used in all types of automatic weapons such as sub machine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, mounted machine guns as well as heavy machine guns” — the description of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property says.

Separate feeding of powder and bullets makes the difference between the patented system and those known since mid-XIX century. Heckler & Koch G11 assault rifle has so far been the best-known representative of caseless weapon. It was delivered to German army in limited supply in the 1990s. It fired bullets inserted in the pressed nitrocellulose block, which would burn out on firing. Due to this, as compared to complete round with customary shell, gross mass of the munition was reduced by half.

As for the USSR, the VAG-73, developed in the 1970s, is the most famous representative of caseless weapon.  

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