Arctic forces receive first consignment of ATVs

10:1605 Aug, 2015 1371

The first consignment of the AM-1 all-terrain vehicles (ATV) has been transferred to the Arctic brigade of the Northern fleet.

The military received seven semi knocked down ATVs. Further, motorized troops personnel assembled and ran them in, the Northern Fleet press service says.

Highly mobile all-terrain vehicles will help conduct both patrol and raiding as well as reconnaissance and search and rescue missions in various conditions, including the Arctic.

The AM-1 ATV is the serial PM500-2-based vehicle. The ATV has a part-time 4 WD, extended protector wheeled running gear and loading capacity of 300 kgs. Top speed is 80 km/h, operational temperature is 20 degrees Centigrade below zero. Weighing 500 kgs the ATV can drag a trailer of the same mass.

Military configuration also includes a mortar, an AK-47 assault rifle and the SVD rifle mount systems. To operate in night-time the vehicle is equipped with projector in addition to the optional headlight.

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