4th missile regiment to protect Moscow with the brand-new S-400 ADS

12:0029 Jan, 2016 1157
Photo: Andrej Luft/Defending Russia

Defense ministry press-service reports that the ‘Triumph’ anti-aircraft system has entered service with the regiment.

The brand-new S-400 ‘Triumph’ air defense system arrived at permanent base in Podmoskoviye from the Kapustin Yar shooting ground in Astrakhan region after successful firings.

“As the new system goes on combat duty, it is 4 anti-aircraft units, equipped with the S-400 ADS, which provide air defense of Moscow and Central Industrial Region”, Defense ministry noted.

The S-400 ‘Triumph’ mobile multi-channel missile system is the advanced S-300P. The system is designed to shield administrative, economic as well as military objects from aviation strikes, tactical and operative-tactical ballistic missiles as well as middle-range ballistic missiles under conditions of radio-electronic counter efforts.

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